Student feedback

Congratulations to all of my students. You achieved a 90% pass rate! Well done indeed!!

Hi Richard, the feedback is much appreciated.I have enjoyed the ‘mock’ experience. This will be my first CBE and I was worried about whether I would be typing fast enough etc but after watching your approach I feel much better about sitting this type of exam.

Every chapter in the FME-AAA course,is so well explained by Richard. The concept is made so clear,it makes answering exam standard questions very very easy! An extremely cooperative mentor,Richard has always been available to help and guide us through the course.In comparison to the AAA training offered elsewhere,Richard provides us the extra tips,regarding exam techniques, which help us glide through questions comfortably!

I never forgot you presence in my last minute of exam days…your guidance helped me a lot. May god bless you.

Thank you too for all the useful information and I will definitely speak to my employer about using FME as number 1 provider.

Thank you so much, it was lovely to talk to you too, I actually enjoyed learning for the subject and to chat with someone who knows so much about the field was great. I will be getting in touch come results day. Have a great day.

Thanks for helping prepare and hopefully pass the ATX exam. The course has been excellent value for money if you compare to the content/support you get from a well-known tuition provider that I have used alongside FMEOnline, which my employer had paid for this exam. I found the following points useful: The content covered the whole Integrated Workbook – previously I have not seen the importance of this – some tuition providers only cover certain topics on their tuition course and ask you to study the rest at home., The latter is something I struggled with and the way you have done allowed me to pace my study better. I like how to broke down the revision into topic areas as this gave me structure. I had planned to do questions as part of the revision but different topics each time. Having this structure also helped consolidate knowledge on those topics. I had not revised the group CT questions when it came to do the mock which is why I struggled on Q1 of the mock. I had a weeks’ holiday in July, despite this the revision tasks took a good 6 weeks to work through. Having the ability to contact you on WhatsApp and email gave the course a more personal touch and showed that you are determined for people to succeed. The replies are usually within a day which for me is important and you are not left waiting in limbo for a reply. Doing timed questions in the ACCA Test Reach software ahead of the final mock has been very useful especially given the fact the this will be the first ATX CBE and all my previous exams where written. Other tuition providers did not acknowledge this fact which I found surprising but not surprising. I liked the fact that you recorded the feedback from the mock exam. You working through the last 4 papers has also helped a lot in understanding the software and also the kind of questions asked as they seem to ask the same kind of questions most years just worded slightly differently. You were able to accommodate the need for me to have extra time when completing the final mock exam. The website is well laid out and user friendly and you can keep track the % course completed. As I said above, this course is very good value for money and I’m going to recommend FME Online to employer over the current provider they use.

ACCA ATX (UK) Platinum Package – September 2020

Thank you for your advice and help. First time I failed by 1 mark then my exam got cancelled finally I passed. Couldn’t have done this without your teaching. Many thanks!

ACCA AAA Platinum Package – March 2020

Thank you for your continuous help I have recommended your course to few of my friends.

ACCA AAA Platinum Revision Package – May 2019

I got the highest scores in all my ACCA exams in tax with you! Keep up the good work

ACCA AAA Platinum Package – April 2019

Richard provided great depth of material and will provide the ability for future learning.

Richard pushed my understanding of concepts / skills that I was unconfident in.

I found the way to escape from my fear of the subject.

Lots of examples, lots of practice and time to consolidate learning, real life examples, helped with the theory and application.

The practical sessions and examples put learnings into practice.

Richard was very determined and nice.

Richard regularly brought in relevant examples to bring the material to life.

Richard worked hard to ensure all levels of the group were accommodated for.

Richard was open and inclusive and helped.

Richard was helpful and approachable.

I found your teaching method really helpful.

Thanks a lot for everything Richard! Without a doubt the best tutor we have had, hopefully see you again soon.

I did just want to say a big thanks for all of your help throughout. As you have probably gathered from our class feedback not only have we all really enjoyed having you as a tutor, your teaching approach is really excellent (good pace and perfect balance of content, question practice, recapping).